Editorial board accepts articles which are thematically correspond to the main headings of the edition:

  • Problems of management: theory and practice
  • International relations and global competitiveness
  • Modern financial markets
  • Economy of business and problems of development of agricultural business
  • Accounting, audit and consulting
  • Intellectual and innovative resources of development

Requirements to an article:

  1. The structure of the article must include: the information about the author, place of work or study of the author, the name of article, the UDC (universal decimal classification) index, the summary, keywords, the introduction, the definition of the problem of the article, results and conclusions of the research, the list of the used sources with links in the text.
  2. Scientific works which weren’t published earlier are accepted to the publication only.
  3. Materials must be presented in Ukrainian, Russian or English.
  4. Typing is carried out in the MS Word editor. Sheet is A4. Fields – 2 cm from all directions. Font –Times New Roman, size – 14, interval – 1,5, paragraph – 1,0 cm. Pages must be numbered on the middle under the text.
  5. Digital material must be in the table that has serial number (Table 1. Name of the table). You need to group all the pictures in the single graphic object and to number them (Pic. 1. Name of picture). You should built formulas / pictures / tables with the help of the Word editor.
  6. The name of article must be printed with capital letters, bold print and in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English). The summary and keywords (font – 12th) must be printed after the name and also in three languages.
  7. Used literature is specified at the end of the article in 2 intervals. References to literature in the text must be given in square brackets, for example, [1, page 18; 2, page 20-21] where the first figure specifies serial number of a source in the list of references, and the second – the corresponding page in this source; one source (with the page) separates from another with the help of semicolon.
  8. All statistical data and quotes must be confirmed by links on sources. Names of works in the list of references must be settled in order of citation.
  9. Date of departure of article in edition is specified after the list of references. Article’s volume is 8-15 pages (to 30000 characters with spaces). Reduction of words and phrases, except standard, isn’t allowed.
  10. A surname of the author and 2-3 keywords of the article (Ivanenko_Economic potential of Ukraine.doc/.docx) must be in the name of the file.

It is necessary to fill in a registration form to submit the scientific article.

Output data of the magazine:

Ivanenko A.B. The economic capacity of Ukraine in the conditions of modern globalization / A. B. Ivanenko//the Youth economic digest: scientific digital magazine. 2014. No. 1 (1). – M.: GHNI “KNEU named after Vadym Hetman “, 2014. – Page 21-28.

EXAMPLE of the registration of the article.