The Section “Economic Blog” covers such theoretical and practical economic issues that meet the thematic content of the publication. The format of the blog provides a statement of thoughts and reflections of the author in journalistic or colloquial style. The information should be concise and mark the most important points. You can add images, links to primary sources and other resources to notes.

Users have the opportunity to put their own views on economic processes on the magazine’s website under the heading “Economic Blog”. It could be done in such a way:

  • send a short article in the style of the blog to the e-mail After the moderator have viewed the article it will be posted on the website. It is advisable to attach required illustrations, to highlight hyperlinks in the text file and to separate an important information into different blocks;
  • send a requestto  for registration on the site as a regular author of the articles. Thereby you will be able to post your articles in “Economic Blog” by yourself. The letter should indicate short information about the author and the direction of his further publications.

The Section “Analytical studies” is designed to more in-depth articles which describe current economic trends, include calculations and analysis of economic processes. The information should be presented in scientific and descriptive style. It must be accompanied by reference to the original sources and illustrations of the facts mentioned by the author. The authors of this category have an opportunity to place their own research in a similar way by sending messages to the official e-mail of the magazine.