Editorial Policy

Editorial ethics

The editors can reject the article if:

  • the review is not given and there is no information about the author;
  • an article does not meet the requirements;
  • the subject of the article does not correspond to the magazine’s edition;
  • the title of the article does not meet it’s content;
  • ha
  • the materials were fully or partially published previously in other publications or were submitted to the editors of other magazines;
  • the article is completely or partially alien (the author committed plagiarism);
  • the materials are promotional in it’s nature;
  • the issue which is revealed in the article has lost it’s relevance.

To authors:

The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data which is presented in the article. All the materials submitted for publication go through two levels of review: external and internal (secret). Reputable academics and specialists are involved in the reviewing of the article. The date of filling is the day of receipt of the manuscript to the editor, in case of revision – the day of receipt of the corrected text. The decision about publishing the article is made by the editorial board. The title and text can be made amended by the editor without permission of the author. The manuscripts prepared without taking into account the requirements above are not considered and reviewed. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial office freely.